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Online Counselling

Cynthia provides online counselling to clients throughout the province of Ontario, using a secure PHIPA (Personal  Health Information Protection Act) compliant video conferencing program built specifically for therapists and their clients.  

While resources such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime are great methods for people to be in touch with friends and family, they are not equipped for online counselling as the security and privacy cannot be guaranteed.

Research indicates that online counselling is as therapeutically effective as in-person counselling  while offering unique advantages, such as:

- Being in the comfort of your own home 

- Less stressful for clients with acute anxiety 

- Saving time travelling to an appointment

- More accessible for clients with physical disabilities

Web-based therapy is a brilliant way of making services available to people who may have difficulties in accessing therapy otherwise, because they work full time for example, or because they would feel anxious about coming to a clinic for face-to-face appointments

Dr. Rachel Tolfree, a clinical psychologist in London.